Golden West Communities (GWC) is a family-owned Southern California-based development company that specializes in niche land development, specifically affordable housing, founded by Darren Berberian, CEO of GWC. We believe in building properties that integrate the character of the neighborhood and provide high-quality construction that is environmentally responsible so we can better serve the community. We truly feel all land is useable and valuable with the right application, which is why we are so passionate about our projects.

At GWC, we develop communities that promote economic and social integration for all residences which is why we are so passionate about working with the community during the design process and dedicated to always incorporating sustainable building materials to protect the communit
y’s health and well being. We truly strive to create living environments that everyone deserves. We provide housing for families, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and vulnerable community members.

Our team at GWC builds housing that not only sustains our natural resources but also sustains the environment that we build in, which is why we are mindful and strategic as to where we build. We believe it is our responsibility to promote energy efficient initiatives throughout the construction process to enhance the comfort and health of our communities.

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